Master Your Marketing, Magnify Your Success

Elevate your professional service business with expert marketing strategies tailored just for you.

Enhance your online presence

Boost lead generation

Win more clients

Don't let leads slip through the cracks.

For professional women with incredible skills and services, getting the right leads can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. The struggle to be seen and heard in a crowded digital world can leave your business growth lagging behind your potential.

Have you ever wondered:

  • How am I supposed to figure out marketing on top of everything else?

  • What should I do first?

  • Am I the only person who doesn't understand this?

  • Do I need a TikTok?

Marketing Made Manageable

DQB Strategies is your partner in success, blending traditional business acumen with cutting-edge digital marketing techniques. Our approach is practical, effective, and designed to deliver tangible results.

  • Fits within your ability, capacity, and bandwidth

  • Makes you look like a pro

  • Turns your efforts into wins

  • Witness tangible growth and increased engagement

  • You’ll actually enjoy

It’s time to own your marketing

(and actually enjoy it)

Listen, there are very few people who actually love marketing strategy. In fact, most people who come to us have tried it and are totally over it. But that’s why we love our job – we have the chance to help women like you find effective, smart – dare we say, fun? –  solutions to make their marketing work for them – and more importantly, get results.

Simple steps to significant growth

Schedule Your Quick Win Call

Book a call to kickstart your journey to more leads and greater success. We'll identify a quick win you can take right now to get more leads.

Optimize Your Online Presence

We'll work with you to enhance your digital profile and make it irresistible to potential clients.

Achieve Small Wins and Big Gains

Celebrate each step forward as you steadily build your client base and business impact.

“Danielle is very knowledgeable and gracious.  I enjoyed learning about how to improve my website, as well as talk to potential customers about my business in a simple, understandable manner.  It was a great experience!!”

- Kathy Long, Long Bookkeeping Solutions

“Danielle is a thoughtful, generous and creative StoryBrand provider. She has a positive personality that helps you easily get out of your comfort zone and get creative!”

-Ayesha Mascarenhas, Airthreads

Danielle is a marketing genius. Effective and results-driven with amazing customer service.”

-Theresa Pore, 3:20 Consulting

You don't have to do this marketing thing alone. Here’s how we can partner with you:

Marketing Strategy

Running a business is challenging enough, and trying to navigate the murky waters of marketing can feel overwhelming. You don't have to do it alone. We'll work with you to develop the right strategy to get more leads and make more sales.

This is ideal for women who want to work one-on-one to create their strategy.

Group Coaching

Join a marketing group for weekly calls with other women in a similar stage of business as you. Each group is limited to three people for an intimate opportunity to ask questions, overcome hurdles, share insights and learn from others.

This is ideal for women who want to develop their strategy over time.

Here’s how we’ll get it done:


Let's talk.

Our best partnerships happen when the vibe is right. Schedule a quick win call so we can discover whether we’re a good fit.


Choose your adventure.

Pick which of our service options best suits your needs.


Thrive, baby.

Finally get excited about your marketing as results roll in and you discover newfound confidence behind the wheel.

The bottom line is we’re here however, whenever you need us, even if it’s just a quick strategy session every once in a while. You can book hourly sessions (some people refer to them as “therapy”) with our team to tackle anything related to your marketing, social media, or overall strategy.

Step Into a Stronger Future For Your Business

With DQB Strategies, you can:

  • Increase your visibility and credibility in your industry

  • Feel confident and supported as you navigate your growth journey

  • Gain the tools and knowledge to market your services effectively

  • Join a community of successful professional women making an impact

  • Transform your business with strategic marketing that works

Ready to see your business rise to its full potential? Let's get started.